About me

Hi! I’m Rebecca; welcome to my blog!

I’m a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill looking for my place in a dynamic media environment. I have worked at a print newspaper, print and digital magazine and publishing house, on a judicial campaign and even in an acupuncture clinic. I have hands-on experience in graphic design, copy editing, public relations and social media management across multiple platforms.

As an honors student in the UNC School of Media and Journalism, I am held to the highest standard of journalistic and academic excellence. I’ve taken classes that value kinesthetic learning, gaining practical experience to help me succeed in the ever-changing world of new media.

I’m writing my senior honors thesis in Creative Non-Fiction Writing (CNF) as part of the requirements for my minor in Creative Writing.

My work style is detail oriented yet efficient. I thrive in structured environments with room for personal growth and creativity, and I’m invested in every project or task I work on.

People who know me describe me as a strong, cerebral, big-hearted, environmentally conscious and a little bit zany.

I’m graduating in May and leaving my “southern slice of heaven” here in Chapel Hill. I’m ready to start exploring new career opportunities in cities and towns across the country. Contact me on LinkedIn, visit my website (rebeccashoenthal.com) and read my blog if you’d like to learn more about me.


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