From Durham, With Tacos

The only reason I venture into Durham–A.K.A. enemy territory and home to Dook–is for really good food.

Nanataco has really good food.

Most recently, I was there to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We ordered house margaritas and ordered our usuals: chicken quesadillas and grilled veggie tacos. (I’m sure you can guess which meal was mine).


The tacos came with the usual mix of red and green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and pico de gallo. They’re not authentic tacos by any means–especially not with my choice of flour tortillas–but they’re just as delicious.

The sides are the real stars at Nanataco, though. The black beans are warm and smokey, the rice is stewed with tomatoes and spices– and both are totally vegan.

And the salsa bar puts all other salsa bars in the Triangle to shame. Choose from spicy slaw, salsa verde, classic pico de gallo, house-made hot sauce and a variety of other toppings made from fresh ingredients.

My friend swears by the chicken quesadillas, so bring your carnivore friends and tell them to go wild. (Burritos, bowls and tortas are also on the menu, but who gets a burrito at a taco joint?) My friend is a strong advocate for eating the Spanish rice by scooping it up in the hot, salty tortilla chips. It’s the perfect combo of crunchy and soft. 10/10 would recommend.

We washed everything down with $5 (yes, that’s the price everyday) house margaritas. They’re pretty strong, so if you plan on having more than one, be sure to have your favorite ride share app handy.


NANATACO: 2512 University Drive, Durham, NC, 27707, (919) 489-8226, Open Tues – Sun 11am – 9pm, Fri & Sat 11am – 10pm, Closed Monday. $.







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