Food Truck Rodeo on Rosemary

It was the day we’d been waiting for. There was going to be a food truck rodeo in our town, on our street.

A real conversation between me and my friend, Haylie.

It was hours before the Tar Heels would defeat Kentucky with Luke Maye’s historic three-pointer that sealed an Elite Eight victory. (It should be pretty clear now why I haven’t blogged in a while: MARCH MADNESS.)

Haylie and I meandered down the street. We saw the flashing sign: Rosemary Closed and knew we were getting closer. What we saw surpassed our expectations. Sure, we’d been to the taco trucks and taco school bus in Carrboro from time to time. We’d had our fair share of cheesy tater tots from the Sutton’s Food Truck on the way home from a night out at Pantana Bob’s. But so many food trucks–almost 10–in one place was new for us, and we were salivating.

There were trucks for burgers, lobster rolls, poke bowls, hibachi, North Carolina barbecue, ice cream, beer, dumplings, Greek food and more. We chose to eat at these three:

1. CockADoodleMoo


We knew the best strategy to tackle the long lines was to grab a quick appetizer of french fries. But which fries? There were a few options, but we chose CockADoodleMoo, a BBQ truck, because we loved their charity of the month: Triangle Beagle Rescue! Haylie’s mom has a beagle. CockADoodleMoo had the fries. It was a win-win. The fries were crispy and salty and came with a side of special “Moo Sauce.” It tasted like a combo of ketchup, mayo and relish, and went great with the fries.

2. Chirba Chirba Dumpling

Chirba Chirba’s bright yellow truck was calling our eyes and stomachs from the other end of the street. As dumpling enthusiasts, Haylie and I knew what we wanted for our main course. The line was long, but we were armed with our french fries and determination. It was hot, so instead of Chirba’s popular soup dumplings, we opted for their more basic, steamed dumplings. Haylie ordered the “Bayside Chive” dumplings with pork, Chinese chives, carrots and cabbage, with the traditional black vinegar dipping sauce. I had the “Garlicky Greens” with braised collards, kale, garlic tofu and green onions, with the garlic sesame sauce. Everything was amazing EXCEPT for the black vinegar sauce. It was overpowering and masked the other amazing flavors in the dumplings.

3. JAM Soft Serve Ice Cream

We didn’t think the rodeo would end as soon as it did, but we were stuffed and ready for dessert. The choices came down to cupcakes or ice cream and the muggy weather begged for cold soft serve. Everything on the JAM’s menu sounded amazing. They use their homemade soft serve to create milkshakes, sundaes, cones and even ice cream NACHOS (waffle cone “chips” covered with ice cream and toppings). Haylie got a simple cup of chocolate with sprinkles and a cake cone, and I created my own sundae with vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberry puree (none of that canned stuff) and a cherry on top.

We waddled home and rested up for the victory later that night. I can’t help but think our food choices influenced the Tar Heel basketball team.




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